The Underpants Run is ON in 2020! October 8, 2020 (Virtual) #UPRKONA20VR

Holiday 2020 UPR Donation


This happened 👇🏽

If it's Thursday in Kona, It's the Underpants Run

October 8, 2020

Live from Kona - Join us from around the world

Let's keep the spirit going this year with a donation during the Holidays while we train for next year's upcoming races!

Holiday Donation USA ORDERS ONLY

This year, things are different. For all of us. We've still got gear. And we want to donate to those who need our help especially during the holidays.

The Underpants Run exists to support the spirit of Ironman and local charities on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

We'll send you some fun workout gear for your donation just supply your name and shipping address, then donate by selecting item(s) you'd like shipped to you. 

Get your gear, post your pics and tag @underpantsrun on Instagram and follow the fun on Facebook @underpantsrun

Hashtag  #UPRKONA20VR